Way to Good to be Stern Bud

Stern: Talked about referes in the Oklahoma City series Phil ok gimme yo money. What Gilbert Arenas…. are those guns? Gimme that season boy. Dan Gilbert you mad, me too gimme 100 stacks.
Goodell: Man I don’t care. You aint actin right Big Ben 6 games and imma think about 4. Michael Vick man you playin with my emotions!!!
Bud: I can’t change history. Armando Galarraga’s perfect Game… I don’t see your point unless its gun point or somethin. Keep it the way it is.
Yes these are the world’s biggest gangsters: David J. Stern, Rodger Goodell, and Bud Selig the commissioners of the NBA, NFL, and MLB respectively. What’s wrong with these guys, all they do is take, take, take, just like a gangster. Walk around and maintain order in their streets just, like a gangster, and if you are affiliated with them you are going to act RIGHT!! WRONG, rich white men are not fit to be gangsters. They are so stupid. Check me out Comish we don’t care about being docked money. I make millions of dollars a year and that 100 grand is how much my full breed pit bulls cost on my dog fighting ranch. Oh and as far as me not playing games, I’m a professional athlete and I’m dying for time off and with time you’ve given me I can heal, comeback, win a Super Bowl and Chris Berman can write an article on how I defied the odds.  And Buddy not changing history is ok but uhmm, the steroids thing: you dropped the ball!!! (In football terms that would be a fumble,in a basketball loose ball ,and in baseball an error  just in case you were wondering) Here’s a suggestion I have for how things should be ran:

• For when a player is suspended: game suspensions should not be consecutive but random throughout the season not including playoffs. Nothing makes a player shape up more than not being able to play in a game that could have decided their playoff spot. Ruining his season is key

• When fining player start in the MILLIONS that’s the only way to fully get people in check.(Get it)

• Address all issues going on throughout the league publicly. The issue with the steroid epidemic is that so many great players are coming out as users. Look Bud, steroids existed and still exist on Major League Baseball, stop trying to make it seem like it’s a small minority It’s the MAJOTITY man don’t you get it. Just be real.



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