Are CD Albums A Thing Of The Past

       Artists will always sell albums but what about their success rate. Back in the day albums sold  millions of copies but now-a-days artists struggle to sell 500,000. Mr.Ricky Rozay himself has put out extraordinary music but his latest work off of his upcoming album Teflon Don has been leaked.  While the album definitely has some hits on it that feature major artist such as Jay-Z, Jadakiss, and even Erykah Badu I only give it two more days before the album will be completely leaked causing the album sales to deplete.
         Nicki Minaj has broken many barriers for female artists, and while her song “Your Love” has peaked No.1 on the charts , it was a song that was never supposed to get out. To her surprise the song was leaked! She recently told MTV that even though she is elated that her song is  No.1 she would have never released it
Nicki Minaj Shocked By Success Of Leaked #1 Hit ‘Your Love’: “I Was Not Planning On Putting That Song Out At All”
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                                                           Jackson Stone


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