Boondocks + Creativity = Controversy?

     Many of us know of the incredibly funny cartoon “Boondocks”. For those who don’t, try getting off of Facebook and watching TV sometimes.
Fans of the show (including myself) were ecstatic when the show finally came out this year with a third season. Known to challenge the woes of television, the show constantly pokes fun at the zany reality of today.
     Whether it’s famous playwrights or crazy single black women, the show holds nothing back. Even with a racist African American (hates black people, Uncle Rukus-no relation) and a homophobic little boy (Riley) the show constantly catches the eyes of viewers who are at times thinking the same things. Undoubtedly, each episode causes some type of chaos and I personally can’t wait until next Sunday. Can’t hate them for keeping it real.

Jameliah S.


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