Down With "Baby Mama"


     Why are so many of us stuck with the same mentality? Calling someone “baby mama” or “baby daddy” is not only out of style but it’s also just plain disrespectful. It makes no sense to refer the mother of your child as just a baby mama. What’s so bad about saying it? First of all, the child may not even be a baby anymore and no mature adult likes to be referred to as one. For years the people that have used this term may have or may not have been in a relationship that led to the conception of a child; things didn’t end well and now they have to deal with one another for the sake of their child.
     So many “babies’ mamas” and “babies daddies” are at each others necks simply because they just can’t and won’t get along. Having such a horrible relationship can be avoided by simply doing one thing; wrap it up. If you’re already there try taking the high road and say “the mother /father of my child”. It’s better this way for the sake of the kid and maybe this way you can avoid “baby mama drama”.

Jameliah S.


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