Favorite Shows

The Simpsons and Family Guy, family favorites since the ’90s and still over 100 episodes strong. Although most viewers do not understand the witty and sarcastic jokes, millions of people have loved the outrageous and crazy characters Seth McFarlane and Matt Groening have created. The hundreds of insane situations have made these two animated series my favorite Sunday night choices and there are still plenty of episodes to come. Let’s hope they’re not canceled for a third time. I am interested to know, why do you keep watching these Sunday night shows?


2 thoughts on “Favorite Shows

  1. Couple things the Simpsons have never been cancelled only Family Guy. The Simpson actually hold a world record for their 20 year span spent on Fox starting in 1989. Both have found there way to clothing and other apparel. Homer even has a GpS system with his voice all things I felt was missing from your blog

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