Got Sex? Music Artist? or Reality T.V. People? By:Joshua Harris

As most of us know sex sells!! Like when we see a hot female/guy we just go nuts. As the pictures show above when a hot female shows off her “Goodies” men just thrive to see more and more. Just like when women see young fit men they tend to fall in love easily. In 2007 Ray J was caught on tape for having sex with Kim Kardashian in which she sued the entertainment company for ownership of the tape. As we all know Ray J was well known for the sex tape and later made his new reality show “For The Love Of Ray J”.

Similar to Ray J was Hoopz from the reality shows  “Flavor Of Love” and  “I Love Money”. As I researched I found that this pornographic superstar was actually some what glad of her latest sex tape.Once again SEX SELLS!!!

Now to top it off, many FEMALES in Chicago (that attended the Taste of Chicago) will tell you that when TREY SONGS  took off his shirt and walked through the crowd every female in the park went Benittles.

 My point is Sex is going to sell regardless! Since the economy is so bad why not sell sex? Cambodian breast milk 2 jugs for the $5. Looking for sperm donors we pay $12 an hour 12 hours a day 5 days a week.

                                                               Good Night America


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