Hey Lil Mamma!!!

 Hey Lil mam ma? Ay shawty? What”s yo name? Can I get your number? You got a man? Ladies, I know its been times when you were going about your business, and a much older guy says one of those thing to you. Most girls would get agitated, shy, timid, or scared. The best thing to do in situations like this is get away as fast as possible,  ignore them, or give them a reason not to be interested anymore. Being agitated and saying words that would make the guy mad gives them even more reason to upset you. Also the shy and timid role gives off signals of them being able to take advantage of you. Most importantly always be aware of your surroundings. I remember a time when my cousin and I were riding our bikes, and this guy drives on the side of my cousin, while another guy comes out of the side of the van attempting to attack. My cousin being about 8 didn’t realize what was happening. I was 7 and at a distance at the time, I screamed out to my cousin telling her to look behind her and ride her bike back to my grandma’s house. As soon as I caught up with her I was so scared and didn’t tell anyone. As a result this made me more concious about what to d o when these situations occur.


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