Jersey Shore Jesery Shore!!!

You have no idea how happy I am that the new Jersey Shore season is coming July 29th on MTV. Like I can barely sit down, this is bigger than Obama, Bill Clinton getting head, Jermaine dating Janet, heck Janet dating Jermaine. Why, you ask? Not because I watch the show, in fact the only person I know is the Situation and that’s because me and my girlfriend had a little situation when she made a comment about his body. But it’s because white people hate it. White people finally have something on TV that is degrading and belittling. It’s funny how they are all fun and games when black people are fighting for the love of a washed up star, looking like complete idiots. But when it’s them (oh No) they protest and cause a hoot. I know a person who is a 16th Italian and cried when he saw the way they were behaving. Go kill yourself. I watched New York’s bad weave for two seasons on Flavor of Love beating up people and talking stuff, to the point where Mark Cronin (Producer of all VH1 reality shows) went…..”This chick needs her own show”. Ray J got chicks with tiger tattoos looking crazy; like she would eat him (and he picked her). Oh no Caucasian community it’s our turn. I don’t even plan to watch the show (because I have a life) but best believe it will be on in every room in my house blasting because…..Jersey Shore needs ratings then it will get a spin off then another and Mexicans we keep having babies and outnumber us all…. (I digress).

But I’m not upset with the whites. They did what they are supposed to do. Suppression will never end until those who are being suppressed decide to be suppressed no longer. It is up to the entire race as a community to speak about the issues. People of other races get that. They understand that the only one that will speak up for you is you. We are too busy enjoying the nonsense to realize how we look. Wake up my people!!!


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