Lebron Jame’s Mother Takes The Spotlight

     Gloria James better known as NBA superstar Lebron James’s mother has created a name for herself. Gloria James is known for her supportive and overwhelming attitude during her son’s NBA games. Despite being Lebron’s Mother she continuously showcases that she’s Lebron’s number one fan by showing up to his games with his High School jersey on with her crazy intense personality. After being labeled as Lebron’s wild mom; Gloria began to appear on the scene without her fellow son. Right before NBA’s 09-10 playoffs there was a small rumor that began to take flight. Mommy Dearest, reportedly had an affair with Lebron’s teammate Delonte West. This rumor appeared on every sports broadcasting network which were thirsty to find out the truth. Shortly after the rumor, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to Boston in the Eastern Conference Semifinals 4-2. With less then two months later, Gloria James appears again on the scene this time with a lawsuit against her son, from guess WHO Daddy Dearest! Right before Lebron James announces to the world, which team he’ll be playing for in the fall; a man by the name of Leicester Bryce Stovell adds more stress on his alleged son.

      Leicester Bryce Stovell is suing Lebron and his mother because he claims they manipulated DNA results that would have proven that he was Lebron’s biological father. Not again!! Gloria has made ESPN once again without her son appearing along side her. If Gloria keeps this up, Lebron James just might lose his mother to the celebrity drama world. Gloria please, pretty please, spot ball hogging the fame and let Lebron James enjoy his career. Investigators are still looking to discover whether Leicester Stovell is Lebron’s father and if the affair is true. Take a close look at the picture of the Mama’s Boy and Daddy Dearest; the two have quite a resemblance. I’m not to sure if Gloria will get out of this one easy.



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