Sun Screen Insect Repellent Year Supply Buy Here!!!!


Yo uhmmm I really hate to have to say this, but Black people sunscreen does not protect you from getting darker!  Look if you want your little baby girl who’s in tennis camp to keep her caramel complexion for her modeling gig next Tuesday….DONT PUT HER IN TENNIS CAMP. Yo the only way to avoid getting darker in the summer is to not go outside. The African American Community is contributing to the billion dollar industry that sunscreen is and for what, to think you’re covered from ultra violet rays. Look my man if the sun wants to turn you into a piece of charcoal no 2 ounce bottle of guck will stop it. Oh and for the people who buy insect repellent…’re stupid. It doesn’t work. Check me out: the day you go to an outside activity, put on small insect repellent, have fun, comeback home, and don’t grab the alcohol because of a mosquito bite I will buy a hundred dollars worth of the stuff (It will never happen, not because of the repellent but because I don’t have a hundred dollars) Insects are animals you think they’re going to see that crap on your skin and go ” oh I’m suddenly not hungry anymore”. That’s almost as stupid as the stop drop and roll when you’re on fire chant *as if grass isn’t flammable*, or if a dog charging at you, don’t run as if he’s going to decide you are suddenly not worth eating *because we all like a challenge*.See black people you buying these products are what I call free money you are just giving money out and in that case you can contribute to United Negro Steven Fund that will make sure your money will not go to waste.



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