THe Dark Side -part 1

This is not something I would have thought to put on a blog. But it does have a certain twist to it.
I am a male african american teen born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Went to school with some of the toughest, meanest, stupidest people on the south side. Growing up just like many others I got into fights, arguments, and situations that are hard to explain. But there is a major difference to me and most males in my hood. I don’t like sports, I hate sunlight, I prefer Rock over rap, oh and I’m not sitting on my momma’s couch smoking a blunt. I don’t fit in any of the “groups” at my school, but hey who really does? But in my school, let’s call it “side walk high” there are not so many “groups” you can fit in. We have the smokers, the sports players, the people you wanna hang with, the lames and the Teacher. Me, I have my own “group”: The I don’t give a ____ group. You fill in the blank. But that’s a diffenent story. I have a couple of friends who fit into different “groups”, but do their own things. But amongst all the people I hang with, 2 stand out the most: Tiny and Shawn. Tiny is a little spoiled, evil, psychopath. She always gets her way but is a friend you will always have. Shawn is a cool person to hang with but don’t mess with him if you don’t know him. So in the group of 3 we have:  Tiny the spoiled princess, Shawn the Hulk, and me The spawn of Lucifer *inside joke*. But growing up like I did it was kinda stressful but this is only the beginning of the many blogs of “The Dark Side”. Welcome to my world.

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