Volley Ball: Is It Even A Sport Anymore?

Over the years, the sport Volley Ball hasn’t really had as much credibility. In my opinion, that particular sport doesn’t have as much as any other sport such as basketball, football, and even soccer! SOCCER?! hard to believe but it’s so true. I, myself play volley ball and love it with a passion. Volley ball is more than girls that wear skimpy shirts and short-shorts. Volley ball takes alot of effort and concentration. We have formations and plays just like any other sport out there and I think that volley ball needs more recognition in what they do. Like basket ball, they have yearly play-offs and championships, football has yearly super bowls and soccer (-_-), has a world cup and its played by soccer players all across the world! What do we usually hear volley ball having something yearly? NEVER! Wake up people! and see that volley ball needs to put morEon the market, it’s just as fun as any other sport so why not?  
Amani Stewart

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