I believe everyone is beautiful. Certain clothes, hair styles, shoes, make up, and accessories can bring out the natural features we have. You just have to find what works for you. I like to call it turning your cons into pros. Ladies if you feel as though your chest is small, I suggest wearing  Aeropostale, Hollister, or even if you may not have enough money a tight shirt and push up bra always works.
For guys if you can’t afford the newest pair of Jordan’s a nice pair of black casual shoes can go well with a pair of jeans or dress slacks. Also you don’t have to have a lot of money to look nice. Stores such as Discovery for ladies or shopping with coupons on sale days for males is a great way to turn an $80 outfit into a $40 look. Guys a simple $8 on a hair cut really turns ladies on.
Ladies you don’t have to go to the hair salon all the time for your hair to grow. Simply investing in a good conditioner can equal a healthy scalp. Also keeping heat out of your hair by not using blow dryers and flat irons can save you from dry split ends. I don’t recommend that women wear a lot of make up because of acne. Products such as concealer, blush, foundation, and oils please try to avoid unless you have that one zit lying in the center of your forehead.
Ladies I strongly suggest not buying heals that are cheap. Investing in comfortable heels will save your feet. Lastly,accessories always makes a simple outfit stand out more.
$17.80 at Forever21 
$49.99 at NineWest
$29.35 at Express
$49.99 at Aldo
$10.00 at Ulta or

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