Miley Cyrus: Did She Grow Up Too Fast?

Over the years, everyone has grown to love the little pop singer Miley Cyrus with her music and popular show Hannah Montana, but I sense Miss Miley is getting tired of the good girl image. Being that she is a typical teen she’s dated alot of guys and you can definitely hear her taste in music change rapidly.
Her new song “Can’t Be Tamed” is a prime example. The title alone says it all! Although I love it, some people says she’s to grown for Disney WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?! She’s 18 years old and conisdered a grown woman. Leave her alone! I honeslty don’t have anything against her, she is just doing her job like any other entertainer or artist. They’ve made mistakes and actions we might not like but who are we to judge? Why should you look down on her? Because she’s from Disney Channel?! Wow, nice excuse. Reguardless of all the reasons why people “may” not like her, she’s still making hits, making money, and still entertaining her adored fans rather you like it or not so save it! he without sin caste the first stone (lol)
Amani Stewart

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