Old Skool v.s. New Skool

When it comes to fashion in the black community we came a long way.Our style switches up alot, it went from afros and dookie ropes to cardigans and pullover sweaters.
In the entertainment business theres always someone we look up to as far as fashion goes, and back then people looked up to Slick Rick. He had the style that everybody wanted to have. We use to walk down the street with boomboxes now its Ipods and Mp3’s
Now if your’e in the entertainment buss you have to know how to dress. Kanye West is onr of the biggest Fashion Moguls in the game right now. People know  him from his music but alot more know him from his”Unique” style of clothing.
Todays new look is not baggy or rugged anymore,its more metro and urban now. We recycle fashion all the time its a Fade it goes around come back around, that why its fashion.

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