Open Relationships-Shouldn’t be Open

     To make things as plain as possible, I think that open relationships are the most ridiculous idea ever originated by the human race. For those of you out there that’s unfamiliar to with what an open relationship is, it’s like being in a committed relationship and your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to bring someone else in the relationship or even have someone to their self on the side (with you permitting it).
     For one, if you can’t stick to one then why make a commitment? The proper thing to do is to just be single and mingle. Women are emotional creatures, which means if they agree to “open up the relationship” they’re just doing so in order keep their man happy which is really sad.
     What’s even more ridiculous is that teens are doing this more than adults. Hormones are rushing and the signals aren’t getting to their brains. Any blind person can see that teens having open relationships is like holding a lamb chop in the water where jaws resides.
     Stop being so ridiculous people. A lot of drama can occur because of this and like Mary I’d say “No More Drama”. So it’s as plain as telling someone if you’re no longer interested or want to see what else is out there. Either way breaking it off is better than opening up the relationship.
Jameliah S.

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