" The Code"

The Boyfriend Happily With his GIRLFRIEND

The Boyfriend HAPPILY With The Ex’s BESTFRIEND

Now the BESTFRIENDS isn’t friends anymore because “The Code” got Broken

Many people ask whats ” The Code” and how do you break it. Some people say it’s when you wait after a certain amount of time after the break -up to go with the person. Some say that it’s betrayal and they wouldn’t go with their ex’s bestfriend at all. I think if he/she is really your bestfriend then you shouldn’t date your ex’s bestfriend. That causes trust issuses with your friend and she’s going to feel like she can’t trust you anymore. You and your friend would eventually fall out and you would lose a friend over a boy.Well what do you think should you wait a certain amount of time or don’t date he/she at all????

Akysha White


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