The Dark Side -part 2

Given what the little personal info I posted on my last entry, I wanted to get down to a topic I was discussing with Shawn a few nights ago. Now I know I wont be popular with most females with this post but I’m perfectly fine with it. The topic I’m talking about is the unexpected mind of a female. We were talking about the relationships and the different reactions a female might have.

To give an example for those who are kinda clueless, this should help: You’re taking your girl on a date and you see this fine girl walking by. She has the type of body you know you have to look at. The features that have you thinking you want to do something else than “talk to her”. But you know you are a one woman man. But the second your girl sees you looking, she goes off about being in a commited relationship and you should only be looking at her. But when the situation reversed she starts acting like she didn’t look and how it’s “different”. Now I know thats some stuff that makes you pissed, it is for me.

My personal problem is that most females think that because they are girls, they are weaker, and they are “delicate creatures” they can get away with a lot of crap. I would believe this if I didn’t see a 5’5′ female T.K.O a 6’3′ male in a minor arguement . In my opinion as long as we stay faithful to our partner we can look at the opposite sex. As long as the thoughts stay thoughts it’s all fair in my book.


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