7 Evil Exes

So if there is one thing I love to do it’s go to the movies. And on Friday while enjoying my favorite past time, (saw Predators it’s a must see)  I saw a trailer for one of the realest movies ever: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, a movie depicting a young boy’s fight (literally) against his girlfriend’s seven evil exes. OMG I nearly jumped out of my seat!!! This is genius, finally someone is depicting the struggle of the black man in America.

Sure our representative is a scrawny white kid formally known for knocking up Juno, and the woman is that of a teenager rocking the different color streaks throughout the movie, but the premise is the same: Men must fight against their significant others exes. Oh yes ladies you know it’s true!! You carry all this excess baggage from relationship to relationship putting us men in a predicament to deal with the last man’s mistakes. So to even get closer to your heart we have to battle against the men that have already hurt you…… and uhmmm that’s not fair. C’mon!!!

I’m sorry Tyrone knocked you up and then went to jail, I’m sorry D’Lo was really on the Down Low, I’m sorry your daddy wasn’t there and whatever else is wrong with you guys. But ladies … girls… I can’t help that. Women no one is saying forget what you went through but you must learn from your mistakes and not let them control you. Learn how to handle situations, not blow up at your BF because this relationship is similar to the last. See this is why women shouldn’t play sports (sorry UConn) they’ll throw an interception and then decide never to throw a pass again. WHAT NO. Just learn the defense and go out there and approach it differently. I can’t compete with Tyrone (the baby daddy), D’Lo (down low), Mitch (the video gamer), Michael ( the first love) John (the rich one) Louis (the one with the girlfriendand Robert (the ugly one with a banging personality) Let it go ladies…before I start dating white women.



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