Giving us what we want!

Diddy is all about that Cha Ching($$$). Giving his FANS what they want, but is what we want the REAL DEAL?.

    Many people are looking towards Rick Ross to be the next Biggie and Nicki Minaj as the new modern Lil’Kim. Ross spits GOLD, he spits nothing but good lines that hard gangsters can relate to from KUSH to CASH as for the Harajuku Barbie she has come a long way and is now a unique rapping Barbie icon to many females and the dream chick to males. Nicki and Rick refuse to be cast away in Kim and Big’s shadow. Although they share the same talent are they the real deal? Do you BELIEVE that there can be another Biggie and Lil’ Kim?
By: ..:Tam Bam:..

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