With the signing of Ronnie Brewer this past friday the Chicago bulls have put their self in the mix for a championship. With the east getting better this year my question is who’s next to be signed? Their have been rumors that former all star Tracy Mcgrady will join Carlos Boozer and Ronnie Brewer with the bulls to form a power team, but do the bulls really want to take that risk in signing a player who hasn’t played in a 82 game season in 3 years. With the Houston rockets signing Brad Miller this weekend do the bulls really need another small ford when they don’t have a back up center. Their have also been rumors that the bulls will sign former NBA MVP Allen Iverson but do the bulls really want a person who demands to start and take all the shots.The bulls should really think before they make bad moves like that but i guest we all just have to tune in.

Trenton Arnold


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