Dark-Skinned Vs. Light-Skinned

Anyone black that lived and worked in the 70’s may be familiar with the brown paper bag test. Employers used this test to deny anyone of color (darker than a brown paper bag) a job and any means of income.

Nowadays it seems as though the entire black community has the same type of test. I’m sure plenty of us have heard some say that they don’t date darker-skinned people and prefer someone light-skinned. I’ve even heard some people say that light-skinned people are too cocky and so they date dark-skinned people. Really!?

Is it really just a preference or are we all subliminally using that brown paper bag? It’s really ridiculous, but that’s what happens with plenty of young adults. For example, I’ve heard guys say that they only mess with red bones *that’s a light-skinned chick with long hair*. It looks like no one’s willing to look at personality or how someone carries themself anymore.

Truly, most of us are discriminating against our own people. Disagree? Well I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have preferences, but I am saying that we should not deny someone a chance because of their color. If anything, reject someone because of their bad breath or horrible sense of style. It’s not exactly better but it’s a start. Don’t be as foolish as Deshai and say, “Nice light-skinned attraction wise would be home and dark-skinned would be an exotic vacation.”

Shades of Black America from Keah Moffett on Vimeo.

 Jameliah S.


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