Nate Son of great Joe Montana gets arrested becuse of a a leprecaun

The young blood Nate Montana gets in trouble at south bend at the house of 1000 block of East Washington Street at 1:52 in the morning. Joe Lavin is charged with supplying minors with alcohol on July 17 his birthday.

These two where only a few of the other 42 charged wit misdemeanor.Among those arrested were eight Notre Dame football players, including Nate Montana, the back-up Irish QB and son of football great Joe Montana; Lorenzo Wood, a cornerback and incoming freshman; Chris Watt, a sophomore offensive guard; Roby Toma, an incoming freshman wide receiver; Nick Tausch, a sophomore kicker; T.J. Jones, an incoming freshman wide receiver; Steve Filer, a junior outside linebacker; and Tate Nichols, an incoming freshman.Two Men’s Basketball players were also arrested: Tim Abromaitis, a standout senior forward on the basketball team and Eric Atkins, an incoming freshman.Nine student athletes set to be on this year’s Men’s Hockey roster were also arrested. They include Lavin, Jared Beers, Jeff Costello, David Gerths, Anders Lee, Joseph Rogers, Shayne Taker, Steven Summerhays and Michael Voran


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