The Dark Side – Black People and Horror Movies

Now I’m mad. Just about every movie with blood, guts, gore, horror, action, and sci-fi has the Black person begin killed off (First). In popular movies like Freddy vs Jason, Resident Evil: Extinction and Halloween: resurrection you have people in hard to believe situations, life and death problems, and something trying to kill you. But why does the black person always do the most un-black thing. Knowing we as a race we would not do some stupid s*** like going toward the creepy niose or opening the door you heard screams of agony behind.

See I’m about to tell you what I would do in this situation. Say if I was in the city with the people from Resident Evil. This is my plan: Travel with a group of about 12 white people ( not trying to be raceist (kinda)). Have 1 other Black in the group, because we got the others back and we alredy know the plan. Knowing we are the fastest people in the group we will lead. But if there are too many zombies I would trip the closest white person and not have ANY regrets.Then when there only 2 white people are left. I would send them in the opposite direction of safety wait unil they are a great distance away then shoot the car they are standing next to and run like a crack head. And we all know crack heads run fast as hell.

In halloween resurection I would have been at home, in my bed watching family guy.

Freddy vs jason meet Dark vs. Pillow.
Thats my opinion. whts yours?


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