The Dark Side -part 3

This post is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a LONG time. I’m so excited to talk about it that I’m acting like a preppy. *chill going down my spine*. The topic of today is parents. We’re talking about the “I’m right, you’re wrong”, “you have to be home by”, “I don’t care if I told your sister to do the dishes, I’m telling you now” parents.

Now it’s a known fact that parents + teens = mass destruction. But no one is willing to go into the reasons why. So that’s where I come in. Parents are controlling, STRESSFUL, ANNOYING, depressing, ego-induced, self-absorbed, little haters that should just stop. Not to mention all the lame and oh so embarrassing things they do. Not that I’m saying us teens are great, we got our own crap load of problems *cough* hormones *cough*. But back to the topic. Every parent wants to control everything we do. Some try to live their lives through us. And some just need to stop while they’re behind. But parents do help sometimes.

But that goes down the toilet with the rest of the crap they spout. All parents always have a reason to do what they do, and a back up plan under the back up plan. But that’s too much to get into in one post. So let’s talk about the embarrassing and lame things. Now I have to talk about my mom on the embarrassing things. Now everyone knows the song “Pop, Lock and Drop it,” knowing everybody was listening to it. Then here comes my mom trying to do it one day, getting it ALL wrong. Not to mention the sight of it. That was 139 types of wrong.

But for all their wrongs and rights, we can’t help but love them. After all who else changed our diapers, and wigged out when we *sprung a leak* just as the diaper came off.                              

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