What Do Guys Mean By Thick


 I did a survey on what guys consider a thick women to be shaped like. I also asked them why do guys like thick girls. Most said it was just for sex.

This is their recipe for a sister that’s thicker than a snicker.
Ingredients Yes                                                    Ingredients No

Small waist                                                                   No gut

Hips                                                                             Not sloppy

Have a butt to balance out hips                                  Can’t be out of shape                                                 
                                                                                 Butt has to poke out
Tight legs                                                                    
                                                                                 No extra fat
Big thighs

Everything tight

Alandra Oglesby


One thought on “What Do Guys Mean By Thick

  1. i dont know why guys favor THICK chicks but it shouldn't matter. and sex isn't evetything, because just like a dude want a thick gurl for sex, he aint the only one she having sex withChe'Nay-La'Faye

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