Sexting: Not A Good Look

Every minute of the day, teens are sexting. Guys think it’s no big deal and ladies think that it is cute. The reality of it is that it’s the most dangerous things can do right now. The truth is that there are no pros to sending explicit pictures or text messages. However, there are alot of cons.

                Cons Of Sexting

  •    Hello teens!!! Wake up, there is a such thing as forwarding, and depending on the person you’re texting, your personal message that was for them might be for their friends too. 
  •  If your in a relationship and your girlfriend/boyfriend is bitter about your breakup then the pictures you thought were safe can become the latest buzz on a website or in school.
  • If you’re known to be a goodie-two shoes then you are risking your reputation. You don’t want to go from being highly respected to the joke of the century.
  • As you have seen with many celebs, some things that they thought were in the past come back to haunt them. You never know who’s keeping a record of you so be cautious.

     As you can see, simple one minute decisions might ruin you for life. Anything someone wants to see from you can always be seen in person so don’t feel obligated to text it.
 I am not saying this to prohibit you from being yourself, but remember what you text is capable of becoming the world’s business.

                 Jackson Stone

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