Sooooo………Who Made You Famous?

Who really knows how many celebrities there are? And who cares? When it comes to famous people, all that matters is how they got famous, and you wouldn’t believe how these celebities got famous!

A Wild Child: Ashley Dupre known for being a call girl and Girls Gone Wild.
    Anna Nicole Smith: a well known sex symbol. A Play Boy bunny, who had a thing for very wealthy men.
 Charo: All she did was marry Xavier Cugat {the Rumba King}.
Kevin Federline: Self-made rapper, but I think we all know how he got his shine. Kevin is known for his past relationships. Federline has had his share of celebs, Paula Abdul and Shar Jackson. Truth is Kevin’s introduction to the spotlight came from his ex-wife Brittany Spears. I know I had no clue who Kevin Federline was until he married Brittany and popped her off. 
The one and only Kim Kardashian: Known for her relationship with NFL athlete Reggie Bush, and with a but like that who could forget Kim? Oh! and lets not forget the sex tape with R & B artist Ray-J that revealed Kim’s best moves. But it’s different for Kim, because if you saw that tape, I think you would agree that Kim earned her fame.
  Nicole Richie: Nicole has what I like to consider affiliated fame. She is known because of the people she’s affiliated with, such as her adoptive father Lionel Richie, and her BFF Paris Hilton.
The Lovely Paris Hilton: Yes, her family owns the Hilton hotels, but Paris is well known for being a party girl. She also has her own line of perfumes, shoes and hand bags. And check this out, Paris is an author.She apparently wrote a novel. I didn’t even know the girl knew how to use a pencil.
These celebs didn’t earn their spots in the spotlight, but I guess all things are possible. So is it possible that I missed someone? What do you think? Who else should be added to this list?
Che’Nay- La’Faye

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