Top 5 Celebrity Twitters Worth Following!

Twitter has some of the most interesting users, especially the celebrities.Whether it’s waking up to Rev Run’s wisdom quotes to laughing in my sleep at Ross Mathews daily tweets! Here is my Top 5 celebrity Twitter pages thats worth to follow.


    1.  Rev “Run” Simmons 
Why follow Rev Run? He gives one of the most words of wisdom quotes EVER!

Sample Tweet: “When life hands u lemons, turn around & make grape juice out of it.. & shock the hell out of folks #go!! “

    2.  Ashton Kutcher

Why follow Ashton Kutcher? He make up stories, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions mostly. His status updates are sometimes funny.

Sample Tweet: “Just got my first polo lesson. Tip: polo is really f-ing hard!!! “

    3.  Russell Simmons

Why follow Russell Simmons? This media and fashion mogul also gives inspirational quotes while overseeing other projects such as his charity events!

Sample Tweet: “Ur breath is ur soundtrack for ur life.”

    4.  Andre Leon Talley

Why follow Andre Leon Talley? Commenting on everything recent news to what he thinks of the ANTM contestants to fashion on red carpet events, his timeline is non-stop fun!

Sample Tweet: “Lady Gaga has to thank Madonna for so many important eureka moments of inspiration, and she should perhaps take some courses in deportment.”

    5.  Ross Mathews

Why follow Ross Mathews? Three words..Out Right Hilarious! He is one of the most exciting personalities on television today.

Sample Tweet: “Just caught up on “Hell’s Kitchen” & I’m worried about Gordon Ramsey’s anger. Boyfriend needs an appointment w/ Dr. Hug.”


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