Top 5 Stores For Guys!

5.  Burlington Coat Factory is number five on our list, Urban and the Latest Fashion but for a lesser price. Many diffrent selection you can choose from.

4. A.J. wright is sord of similar to Burlington but not really, people say they have better prices but you can decide that for yourself.
3.Ambercrombie made it to number three on our countdown. There style vary from small to big and diffrent.


                                                                                     2.J-Bess is one of the “Hood” Fashions store. Some

 of the latest trends, but the last time I went into one of the stores I seen personally that there trying to go more urban and classy.
1. This is number one Urban Outfitters is the top store for guys fashion. Any race can go here and be happy with the diffrent choices that they have. Plus this store is global in diffrent states.

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