MJ’s Alleged Baby Mama: The Woman Is “Delusional”

Diana Ross’s sister, Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee, tell TMZ that she is pretty damn sure that Mocienne Petit Jackson is NOT her daughter. She calls MPJ “delusional” and he situation is nothing short of “bizzare”.

Dr. Ross-Lee also tells TMZ that there’s a major hole in MPJ’s story—-saying that it would be impossible for her to have concieved a baby by MJ in 1975….because she never even met MJ.

Dr. Ross-Lee also says that MPJ once came to her ofiice and harrased her. Dr. Ross-Lee was forced to have her employer contact the police to get MPJ to stop.

A few years back, Dr. Ross-Lee responded to one of MPJ’s e-mails telling her that she was horribly mistaken and that she hopes MPJ gets well soon.

-Markia Wilkerson

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