Dollar Menunaire

Whoever still buys a full meal at McDonalds should be smacked. I know it’s random…..but it’s true. Despite my small stature I eat McDonalds at least 3 times a week, and the dollar menu is genius. I think it’s up there with Jesus and JFK. So during one of my pit stops a lady bought a #1 and from my memory thats a Big Mac meal. Here’s our dialogue and I’m pitching it to be the urban commercial (the little kid with the glasses just ain’t cutting it)
“Excuse me miss” I interrupted. “What” she replied. “You just bought a #1 which is $6.62 when you could have been a dollar menunaire.”

“Dollar Menunaire? boy get out my face.”

“No ma’am, you could have gotten an array of things check it out: McDouble, Small Fry, Dollar Drink, Parfait, Four Piece nugget, McChicken. See I’ll stop right there-that’s six items all for a dollar coming out for the exact same total.”

Who the f**** is you Ronald McDonald or something?”

“No ma’am I am a dollar menunaire!!!”

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