I Can’t Stop Laughing

Ha Ha Ha Ha, ok ok let me pull myself together for this post’s sake. So Montana Fishburne is doing porn in order to burst into the acting scene. Ha Ha Ha, ok Montana, dear do you realize you’re LAWRENCE FISHBURNE’S DAUGHTER (ha ha ha). Oh you must have forgotten your father is one of the greatest black actors ever, and you with your selfish tendencies do not have the mental capacity to respect that, to honor it. (Ha ha ha ) You rather degrade your stature and countenance for a chance at stardom. Is your father’s story not a testament – at 13 years old he worked his way through the business by acting, not faking orgasms (ha ha ha ). It was half way through this post I realized I wasn’t laughing but crying, for our young black women who think their way to stardom is between their legs. NEWS FLASH Kim Kardashian isn’t even an actor. She’s never stared in a movie and is barely A list so how is she your blueprint for success. )Ha Ha Ha)What happened to perseverance, diligence  and hardwork?(no pun intended) I guess we planning on sucking d*** until some millions appear. (T.I.) Fancy huh?


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