Notorious B.I.G’s Secret

Christopher Wallace better known as Biggie Smalls was label as one of the better rappers/lyricists to get recognition in the game. Biggie has yet to miss anyones top five best mc’s ever to spit. Biggie Smalls have a number of hits, videos and several multiplatinum albums within his short career do to death. The Notorious B.I.G is known for his unique style, street awareness, and well put metaphors.But  back to regular schedule programming, Biggie has a secret recently announced to the world.Biggie Smalls received training in diction and phrasing from a jazz saxophonist during his teenage to develop rap skills.Donald Harrison want to make his neighbor a jazz musician. He gave Biggie homework, made him learn how to scat a Cannonball Adderley solo and listen to Charlie Parker and Ella Fitzgerald.”We worked on various tonguing and speed and agility,” Harrison says. No wonder! He spits so fluent and relaxed on rap beats.B.I.G was bless with the opportunity to explore a whole different type of music and transfer his prior knowledge in to his rap career. R.I.P Notorious B.I.G aka The Pioneer in Hiphop.

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