What Makes You So Chi?

Many cities across the U.S. have their qualities that make them what they are. Chicago is no different. When asking the question “What makes you so Chi?” it opens up a wide variety of craziness, individuality, and creativity.

You know you’re Chi when:

  • You go to Harold’s order a 1/4 white chicken or 1/2 dark meal with mild sauce, salt and pepper. And hotsauce on the side.
  • I hate to go there but Chicago is the only place where you would see ten different guys trying to sell drugs on the same block.
  • A fight breaks out in any social gathering. That includes your grandma’s birthday party.
  • A baby knows how to curse better than they momma.
  • You got a pit bull (knowing that they illegal).
  • Park your car in a hidden lot because you refuse to pay off tickets.
  • You come up on $5 and waste it on weed.
  • Everybody thinks that they are a rapper.
  • Your momma wear clothes that you can fit (LADIES)
  • Guys get off at parties- girls are on the floor, wall, and ceiling!
  • You still juke-some people don’t know what juking is.
  • You say fam, jo, and refer to your momma as your “OG”.

Jameliah S.

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