The Struggle to be “In His Image”

Love is as simple as accepting someone the way they are naturally.

There are plenty of ladies out there that can agree with me saying that men don’t know what they want. Women face so many challenges when it comes to trying to be what men want us to be. Some guys want a sweet smart girl with a great personality and skills in the bed. *yea I said it, a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed*

Men even go so far as to try and make us be their mothers. I’ve seen girls lose all of their security because they couldn’t please their man’s expectations. Seriously!? Well I say down with the greedy, picky and confused men of 2010.

Ladies it’s time that we take charge and stop trying to be the Girlfriend, Housewife, Mother, and Maid. This isn’t the time to shed tears over a man that can’t even make a decision as simple as knowing what he really wants. It’s all a struggle but it should never be one to be “in his image” only.

Jameliah S.

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