The Struggle to be “In His Image”

Love is as simple as accepting someone the way they are naturally.

There are plenty of ladies out there that can agree with me saying that men don’t know what they want. Women face so many challenges when it comes to trying to be what men want us to be. Some guys want a sweet smart girl with a great personality and skills in the bed. *yea I said it, a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed*

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Dark-Skinned Vs. Light-Skinned

Anyone black that lived and worked in the 70’s may be familiar with the brown paper bag test. Employers used this test to deny anyone of color (darker than a brown paper bag) a job and any means of income.

Nowadays it seems as though the entire black community has the same type of test. I’m sure plenty of us have heard some say that they don’t date darker-skinned people and prefer someone light-skinned. I’ve even heard some people say that light-skinned people are too cocky and so they date dark-skinned people. Really!?

Is it really just a preference or are we all subliminally using that brown paper bag? It’s really ridiculous, but that’s what happens with plenty of young adults. For example, I’ve heard guys say that they only mess with red bones *that’s a light-skinned chick with long hair*. It looks like no one’s willing to look at personality or how someone carries themself anymore.

Truly, most of us are discriminating against our own people. Disagree? Well I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have preferences, but I am saying that we should not deny someone a chance because of their color. If anything, reject someone because of their bad breath or horrible sense of style. It’s not exactly better but it’s a start. Don’t be as foolish as Deshai and say, “Nice light-skinned attraction wise would be home and dark-skinned would be an exotic vacation.”

Shades of Black America from Keah Moffett on Vimeo.

 Jameliah S.

Mind Medicine: Boondocks Follow-up


     After seeing last night’s episode of the Boondocks, I feel a bit inspired to address the well known mind medicine (marijuana). Marijuana, which is better known as weed, has been known to chill out the most hot headed people and bring an appetite to anyone in its smokey path. Just like granddad, many adults smoke weed to bring down their stress, while many teens in urban neighborhoods may smoke weed for the hell of it. Weed is known to be safe and non addictive.
      I mean really, I have yet to hear about someone overdosing from smoking too much weed. Although, I do believe that most people get mentally addicted and feel they need to smoke to be relaxed or even be that down to earth person that weed turns them into. The crazy thing about all of this is that even though it’s illegal, many of us risk our freedom, dignity and self-preservation to take a puff. Some of us go so far as to spend our last on a bag and a swisher.
     Either way it goes we all have our habits and hobbies and I’m not for or against smoking weed but I just choose not to and I feel as though depending on something else to feel good about oneself is a sign of insecurity and low self-esteem. So, step away from the herb and find something better to do *that’s as if you aren’t already on house arrest and probation*.

Jameliah S.

Practice Makes Perfect


Terrelle Pryor, the 6 foot 6 fenom, the most sought after player in the 2008 draft class. He went to Ohio State with the intentions of working toward the starting spot. He came into Ohio State as the top prospect so one would think he was arrogant right? Nope not Terrelle, he worked harder than he had to despite his prestige. Continue reading