Bags Under $50

All teens including me want to carry the hottest bags today but as we all know our budgets are REALLY limited! Don’t worry because I found a couple of cool sites that sell really trendy handbags and more….

I would carry this bag out to the club or going out to brunch

Now this bag ladies I would carry while I’m out shopping

I would carry this bag when i’m out on the ¬†town with my friends

I would chose this clutch when going out to dinner

Too Expensive?

This may look like a normal iPhone with a flashy case, but once you hold it, you’ll be in for a shock. This 3GS iPhone is made of ¬†22K gold and 136 rare 7.1 carat diamonds and comes in 7kg granite box. Its price is listed at $3.2 million. Personally, I believe it’s a little pricey and unnecessary, but it is pretty nice.