Too Expensive?

This may look like a normal iPhone with a flashy case, but once you hold it, you’ll be in for a shock. This 3GS iPhone is made of  22K gold and 136 rare 7.1 carat diamonds and comes in 7kg granite box. Its price is listed at $3.2 million. Personally, I believe it’s a little pricey and unnecessary, but it is pretty nice.

OJ Da Juiceman:New Mixtape!!!!

OJ Da Juiceman just released a new mixtape “Bouldercrest Day”. I haven’t heard anything off the mixtape but I can assure you that the mixtape will be full of Aye’s and Okay’s. The mixtape also features some of his trap buddies that are unheard of but the mixape is definitely worthy of being downloaded.

Jackson Stone

Lady Gaga & Cocaine

We all knew Lady Gaga was off her rocker but a past secret might be the explaination we’ve been looking for. Lady Gaga does cocaine!!! Yep you heard it right, she uses that white powder. While it may have been tough for her to admit it, she wants all of her monsters (fans) to know that it isn’t something that they should imitate and that the drug abuse came from a dark place of depression. Now she’s only depressed once or twice a year if you catch my drift.

Jackson Stone

Lloyd Spotted In Cleveland

Well this has been on my mind for awhile and it is very true.

  • Both Indian
  • Same nose
  • Strong chin
  • and lots and lots of teeth

Pop singer Lloyd Polite Jr. has a TWIN, the popular Cleveland Cavaliers mascot.

Tell me this isn’t true.

..:Tam Bam:..